Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee is back in full swing after COVID restrictions.  The Committee will be meeting on October 13th at 2 p.m. in the Rotunda (office). 

We are still in need of names/addresses of those who have moved into Leisure Town the first half of 2020.  Only a couple of people have called.  We would also like the names of any renters coming to LT during 2020/2021.  The list we obtain from the office only has buyers.

We are still looking for more people to be on the committee.  We prefer to go out in pairs, so the more people we have, the faster we can complete our “welcoming” of this backlog.  We will “train” anyone interested in becoming a part of this group.


The picture shows Carol Bourgerie, Joan McLain, Gloria Brewster & Don Webb “stuffing” the Welcome Bags at their meeting.  Not pictured is John Moore, a new member of the committee.


Please contact Carol Bourgerie at clbourgerie@hotmail.com or 707 479-2930 if you would like to join this committee OR if you are new to LT in 2020/2021.


Did We Miss You?

If you are new to Leisure Town and you haven't been visited by a Welcoming Committee Member we may have missed you when you weren't home.

If you would like us to come back for a visit email us your name, phone number and address and we can arrange a convenient time for you.

Welcoming Committee email is:   welcomecommittee@ltha.org