Hop On The Bus!
City Coach is now providing on-demand service for Leisure Town residents.  Residents simply call 449-6000 to request a ride.  We will pick them up and take them anywhere they want to go within the City of Vacaville.  This is very similar to a taxi ride.  Currently, we are not charging fares as we are waiting to get barriers installed in the vehicles for the drivers.  After the barriers are installed a ride with City Coach is a minimal $1.50.  It’s a great deal!  We also have our Route 5 and Route 6 that is still providing the normal fixed route service.  It is currently running every hour but will start running every half hour on September 14th. For more information call 707-449-6000.
Updated Information Regarding
LTHA Facility Closures

Facility Closures

Due to the continued concern over the potential spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and to be consistent with the California Department of Health public guidelines, the Board of Directors is  talking precautions and opening facilities slowly. The pools and Fitness Center are open on a limited basis. That may change on June 15.


-LTHA Board of Directors





  • Town Hall (general use and rentals)

  • Building A

  • Building B

IN AN EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL 911. All health concerns, please contact your doctor.


Click here to stay updated at: www.cdc.gov


May you all stay safe and healthy as we work together as a community to do our part and follow the experts’ recommendations.


The board has postponed the New Bylaw vote for 30 days and we will have a Town hall Open forum for information on the New Bylaws. July 27 4:00 in the Town Hall.

Thank you,

The LTHA Board